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The Dominican Republic:

Colors and hapiness 

Come for its breath-taking scenery...

More than 300kms (190 miles) of pristine beaches, with 40 km in Punta Cana and Macao! 16 national parks, the Pico Duarte summit, the highest in all the Caribbean, its lush greenery, untouched territories home to iguanas, crocodiles and flamingos, the Peninsula of Samana and its humpback whales from January to March.

Come for its people, colorful and life-loving...

The Dominican people is happy by nature and will do its best to show you the country's culture as well as its traditions.

Come for its craftmanship...

The Dominican Republic is home to quality hand-crafted products. The country produces some of the best cigars in the world. You will exclusively find the Larimar stone in the Dominican Republic. In this wonderful country, you will be able to get your hands on unique creations thanks to the bottomless creativity of the Dominican people.

Come for its history...

First place where Christopher Colombus set foot, Santo Domingo became the first city of the new world. Monuments are packed in the colonial city where you can feel the history at every step.

The Dominican Republic is a culturally rich country with breathtaking views. At Turmaya, we  strive to make your wishes a reality and to show you the « true » Dominican Republic


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